Learn calligraphy
with me

Anyone can learn calligraphy. Yes, even you. especially you!

Melody Lane Press brush calligraphy workshopWhether you’ve always wanted to learn or you’ve tried teaching yourself and need a little extra instruction, my workshops will teach you all you need to rock brush calligraphy: the seven foundational strokes (seriously, that’s it!), how to combine those strokes into letters, and how to connect those letters into words.

By the end of class, you’ll have the confidence to continue practicing and learning on your own at home, and the boldness to #letterallthethings!

All you need to bring is an open mind and a positive attitude. I can’t wait to share everything I know about the art of brush calligraphy with you!

This workshop is intended for students 14 years old and up with little to no experience. Basically, if you know how to hold a pen and write, you’ve got enough experience to learn how to develop a unique lettering style.

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Melody Lane Press brush calligraphy workshop discover new skills

Discover a New Skill

Even though we’re increasingly becoming more digital, nothing will replace the thrill of seeing a beautiful styled script. Calligraphy is a great creative outlet that can used to create beautiful artwork, personalized gifts, greeting cards, or even add some personality to your bullet journal or shopping list.

What’s Included

Don’t waste time (and money) trying out tools that don’t work. Each student receives a starter kit filled with everything needed to start (and continue) learning calligraphy: a selection of brush pens, pencil, and eraser, an exclusive pencil case to carry your new tools, a workbook, and Rhodia notepad.

Melody Lane Press brush calligraphy workshop materials
Melody Lane Press brush calligraphy workshop private guidance

Personal Guidance

Class sizes are kept at a maximum of 12 students so everyone has an opportunity for personal feedback, which is a major benefit of in-person classes. Ask questions, get tailored advice, and enjoy learning with others.

Private Group Workshops

Private group workshops are great for team building events, at-home parties, or an unique group activity. Send an email to to schedule a private group workshop.

Melody Lane Press private group workshops